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The Game

The Game workshop is about creating a future that re-invents you as a leader, and making bold promises in the game you have chosen to play in. The Game ensures you do not spend your life carrying a spear in some one else’s opera. What are you interested in accomplishing that requires you to re-invent yourself to accomplish it?

There is no game too big to play
We train teams in being count-on-able


The Count-on-ability workshop is about creating the opportunity to live at choice rather than accidentally. Count-on-ability is the opportunity to carve out the future rather than to sit back and have it happen to you. Count-on-ability held from a stand, a declaration of “This is the result you can count on me delivering” is the ground from which one’s own transformation is created.

Character and Personality Profiling

We have more or less of a particular behavior and strength, therefore behaviors and strengths are expressed in degrees, which vary by the context. 


Personality profiling looks basically at the four behavioral dispositions of directing, influencing, supporting and complying in the workplace. 


Behavioral disposition and Character strengths are plural in that each person has a unique profile of behavior disposition and character strengths and they are expressed in combinations rather than in isolation.


All 24 of the character strengths are within each person and associated with different positive outcomes, therefore all 24 character strengths matter. There are many kinds of strengths human beings have, such as talents and interests, and there are many sub-types of character strengths, such as phasic strengths and happiness strengths.


Character strengths are somewhat stable, context-dependent characteristics; they can be developed with practice. Character strengths are both “being” and “doing” – they are essential for both understanding who we are and for behavioral expression/performance.


Research has found that less than 25% of the US population is flourishing at work


VIA Character Strengths Survey


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Personality Profile Survey

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Wellbeing Survey


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