Creating your game plan

We invite you to be the architect of your future. This transformation leads you to design a new game for your life, an invented future, constructed with rules, principles, and a designed scoring system in which the stated purpose is to reach your designated (im)possibility. Based upon our design, this game will shape your choices and actions while life is turning out the way it does, the game will redesign you as a leader. When you are a client, we work with you using our exclusive “Game Technology”. We outline the basic plan below for you winning a game. 

The Domain: is the context in which the game is being played. When you shift the way you are being, you create a new context from which to relate to reality. What is the context in which the game you want to play is generated? Is the context: (Examples: Relationships, Contract Renewal, Feedback, Expansion, or People Development etc.)

The Possibility: What is the desired state/possible future you are generating playing this game from? Who are you the future of? What ways of being inspire you? Is the possibility being: (Examples: Appreciative, Curious, Bold, Creative, Courageous, Generous, Innovative, etc.)

The Outcome: Any outcome created ahead of time, and in existence, gives you a place to stand, live from and create from, life becomes the unfolding of what you said. What is the outcome that would have you pumping your fist in the air? Is the outcome: (Examples: Lives Changed, Purpose Found, Culture Generated, Leadership Expanded etc.)

The Name of the Game: What name could you give the game that captures the essence of the game and empowers you to play the game? (Examples: Prometheus, Financial Wizardry, The Oracle, Justice for All, etc.)

The Final Conditions of Satisfaction: What needs to be fulfilled for satisfaction to be declared? What needs to happen for the game to be won? Is the outcome: (Examples: Revenue, Cost, Efficiency, Sustainability, Reputation, Market Share, Gratefulness Register, Absenteeism Reduced etc.)

The Resources: What resources are you going to generate and manage, be accountable for, to have this game be fulfilled? Relationships with people and things. Are the resources identified as: (Examples: Conversations, Promises and Requests of Yourself and Other People, Databases, Systems, Agreements etc.)

The Team: Do you have a team? Who is on the team? What are they count-on-able in the team to deliver? Do you have agreements for that count-on-ability?

The Stakeholders: Who are the stakeholders who will be impacted by your game? Identify your stakeholders: (Examples: Those who lead you, Those you lead, Vendors and Suppliers, Customers, Investors, Community and The Environment, Media, Unions, The Government, Your Competitors etc.)

The Measures: How will you measure progress towards satisfaction? What components do you measure to know if you are progressing in the game? Are the measures: (Examples: Revenue, Conversations, Proposals, Agreements, Invoiced Amounts, Feedback, Contracts, Pipeline Growth etc.)

The Scoreboard: What important measures will you score in this game to know, at any point in time, whether you are progressing? How many measures will you score simultaneously? Is the scoreboard: (Examples: A Graph, Thermometer, A Pii-chart, bar Chart, Vision Board, Jigsaw Puzzle etc.) 

The Milestones: Imagine standing at the end of the time period, you would like to create the outcome for. From there looking back describe how it all turned out. In what intervals will you manage your milestones: (Examples: Hours, Days, Weeks, Fortnight, Months etc.)

The Display: What display will you put into your environment as means to remind and empower you in fulfilling your game? Where will you put your display? (Examples: Vision Board, Snakes and Ladder Board, Treasure Island Map, Org Chart etc.) 

The Promised Actions that Forward the Game: What actions will you take each week to forward the game? Conversations are actions. Where will those actions be published? (Example: Promises and Requests of the Team and Stakeholders as declarations on the white-board etc.)