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We address the intrinsic but growing need for a Leadership incubator space. We are unique in implementing 'Leadership technology', a creative and innovative process that ensures you and your business are committed to a future that inspires and which fulfills the needs and concerns of all stakeholders in your ecosystem.


Our programs are specially designed to nurture and guide you through your leadership journey. You leave our programs with heightened awareness of what it is to be an effective leader and how to exercise leadership as your natural self expression.

Leadership Incubation Programs

Free Program Start your Leadership journey- Register for Free membership. Upon successful registration, you will have immediate access to resources. Invitation to Webinars and Workshops. A free evaluation of your start-up project Intermediate Program Develop your leadership- Intermediate to a new level. Evaluation of your start-up project. Panel assessments.


We are an organisation committed to living from the following values: Living authentically: is being and acting consistent with who you hold yourself out to be for others, and who you hold yourself to be for yourself.


Our innovative products would provide you prompts and support you to make behavioural and contextual adjustments to improve your effectiveness at work and life.

Personality Portrait

The Empathinko four elements personality colours profiling is a powerful tool that allows the individual to gain an understanding of his own reactive personality style and what he / she needs to do to dial up or down certain behavioral adjustments to improve one's effectiveness at work


We remain committed to mentor entrepreneurs, start-ups, SMEs and individuals to shift their Leadership Vision to a viable Revenue Generation model. We thus seek experts from different industries and competence domains to be part of our mentor advisory board.


Our resources have been carefully picked to augment and support your learning and implementing of our innovative Leadership technology. We carry Stephen Fry's argument further and say that our library resources are indeed full of original ideas in the domain of Leadership and Innovation.


Over the years, we have supported leadership development, team effectiveness and individual performance upgradation in a wide range of businesses and industries viz. Law firms, Educational institutions, Information technology, Hospitality, Oil & Gas, Distributorships to name a few.


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