We provide executive coaching, workshop facilitation and "The Game" technology to organizations and individuals.

Shakti Ghosal - Managing Director


Our Workshops incorporate both learning and development. We build and strengthen the relationship among team members to enable them to operate as a high performing team.

We work with all members of our Workshops to develop a clear understanding of their current project goals, their deliverables, their strategy plan and their direction forward.

We assist our clients to generate a full appreciation of the work scope, what each role is and each other’s roles and responsibilities are, and what we all need to do to deliver a successful Workshop.

Joost de Langen - Communication Coach

Executive Coaching

We provide Executive and Leadership Coaching for executive stakeholders, key leaders, and individuals. Our coaching outcomes are tailored to match the obstacles, objectives and priorities of each client. 

We have learned that trying to please the external forces around a client is a fool’s errand unless they are clear about their true purpose.

When you know what you believe, your core values are rock-solid, and your direction is clear, we can coach you to lead effectively. 

Frank Marinko - The Game Master

The Game

By playing “The Game” you get the power by taking an impossible stand for an impossible future, by speaking and listening and acting from your stand – which results in others standing with you.

What would you love to accomplish that looks impossible, but if it could be achieved, would change everything? What is your stand for something that makes the world a better place and unleashes your spirit?

Once what’s missing is distinguished, we assist our clients to create a Game Plan to bridge the gap – from where they are, and get them to where they want to be.