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A Game Structure

Explore the opportunity to play a game that currently seems impossible, but if you could achieve it, would make all the difference to your current position.

Your main purpose for playing the game is to unleash your passion and vision as a contribution to the world. Since you are the reason for this game, it depends on your full commitment to it. It doesn’t need to be particularly significant or noble, but it is worth the whole of your life.

You do not enter “The Game” when you go to work, and you do not leave it when you go home. Nor do you sacrifice your private life to it. We have designed the game in such a way that it encompasses your work and your private life and makes both into aspects worth playing.

Download a “Free” Game Structure below.

Frank Marinko - The Game Master

Character Strengths Survey

The character strengths provide a common language to describe what is best in human beings. An optimal approach to character is a dimensional view rather than a categorical one, and, taken a step further, the character strengths themselves are multidimensional.

We have more or less of a particular strength, therefore strengths are expressed in degrees, which vary by the context. Character strengths are plural in that each person has a unique profile of character strengths and they are expressed in combinations rather than in isolation.  

All 24 of the character strengths are within each person and associated with different positive outcomes, therefore all 24 character strengths matter. There are many kinds of strengths human beings have, such as talents and interests, and there are many subtypes of character strengths, such as phasic strengths and happiness strengths. 

Character strengths are somewhat stable, context-dependent characteristics; they can be developed with practice. Character strengths are both “being” and “doing” – they are essential for both understanding who we are and for behavioral expression/performance.

Why Are Signature Strengths Important? The case can quickly be made for the significance of signature strengths from not only the science that has emerged over the last couple decades but also from the perspective of the problem of chronic disengagement across organizations, relationships, and individuals.

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