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Your behavioural adjustments to improve your effectiveness at work and in life.

Doing the Personality Portrait can support you to significantly improve your performance and effectiveness at your work place.

This portrait holds the power to significantly improve your performance and effectiveness at your work place. We are delighted to offer you a Free Personality portrait of yourself for your own use and development.

To find out more about the Personality Portrait of your own or your significant others, click on the buttons below:

The Personality portrait result is a useful starting point for understanding that we are all different. Without some description and explanation of rudimentary differences between people, it is very common for individuals to think that everyone should be like them. This then can lead to conflict, criticism and lack of respect in relationships.

Tips to do the portrait:

You must choose a unique response to all four descriptions in the following twenty-eight statement boxes which most likely rates your personality and behaviour disposition in the WORK environment. ( We suggest that you choose the highly likely and highly unlikely responses first, then, likely and unlikely responses next )

The system will not allow you to choose the same response twice. If you want to change your response, just click on the new choice and the original response will delete. You are welcome to take the survey as many times as you wish, to see if any of the types of profiles are a reasonable fit for you.

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