Where Does Life Occur For You?

An unexamined life is not worth living ~ Socrates

Which is true, are you in-here or are you out-here? Neither is true as a matter of fact. It is highly probable that you live the unexamined assumption that where you are located is in-here with everything else located, as you put it, out-here. 

However, it is also probable that given a chance to get beyond your assumption and get in touch with your actual experience, you will find that your perception of the world, others, and what you refer to when you say “I” or “me” is actually happening for you, as we have termed it, out-here – where you said you are not. That is, as lived, life shows up in the clearing that one is – out-here. 

But to say that either “in-here” or “out-here” is the truth is not true. Neither is to be believed. One is the concept we use to understand, and the other is the way life actually occurs for us.

Are you located in-here with life out here, or are you located out-here where life actually happens? The answer, the realization, is not something you get right. While for most people “I am in-here” is at first nothing more than an unexamined assumption. In the face of probabilities, you must choose a reality. What you choose ultimately is nothing more than, but also nothing less than, a declaration – a stand you take for you.

That declaration will determine the way you encounter and make sense of life, and as a consequence the way you interact with life. We are not arguing that one of these being in-here or being out-here is right and the other wrong. Rather we are saying that you have a choice.

When you practice being aware of where your experience of objects, situations, and of other people in the world, is actually happening, you experience a breakthrough in your effectiveness in dealing with the world and with others. In addition, the access you have to “I” or “me” is greater when your relationship to “I” and “me” is that “I” and “me” show up in the clearing you are. This allows you a certain detachment from your automatic way of being that leaves you free to be. Try it Out and see what happens. Who you actually are is: Out Here! ~ Werner Erhard – Being A Leader