What are the conversations you engage in?

When you become aware of the type of conversation you use to describe your experience of situations, and other people in the world, (the way the world occurs for you), you begin to see opportunities for a way to unlock and surface a better way forward to achieve a  breakthrough in your effectiveness in dealing with the world.Think of this listening as a language, an element, an antennae built in to your attention, operating at every moment. 
A language that only picks up certain words and phrases, (usually dis-empowering), an antennae that only picks up particular sound waves, or those within certain ranges. Similarly your attention is tuned to only pick up certain concerns. If a particular phenomenon out in the world doesn’t offer anything to answer your winning strategy, and you perceive that no action can be taken, then the phenomenon will not attract your antennae.

What you listen for is always in the form of a question.

“What’s the whole picture?”

 “ How does this fit?”

 “What is the opportunity?”

 “What interests me?”

 “What are the rules Here?”

Here are some specific techniques for drawing forth this element.

Observe yourself taking notes at meetings. What information do you write down, what determines your choice?

Notice when you “Feel that you are in the right place and when things are going well. What are the characteristics of the scene?

At the moment before you are told that so and so is on the phone , pause before you take the call. “What do you expect so and so to say? What are you already listening for him / her to say to you?

Ask yourself during conversations “ In what way is what I listen for expressing  itself in the conversation I am presently having?”

Listen for what it is that prompts others around you to go into action too fast. What have they not taken into account?

We assist you to discover the language that has you confined within a certain context and with the skills of coaching we assist you to look at the particular phenomenon in other ways to unlock and surface a better way forward.


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