My Track Record

I am an accredited coach and have over 12 years of experience. Previously I worked for one of the world’s leading training organizations as a coach and trainer and have presented over 150 workshops on communication and leadership. I have engaged with people from numerous backgrounds.

Prior to my coaching career, I have worked in a lot of different environments. To name a few, I worked in the mines of North-Western Australia, I owned my own landscaping businesses and worked as a general manager for high end patisserie stores.

The above experience and exposure, combined with the extensive training in coaching that I have had , gives me a profound understanding of the issues and concerns of human beings

My Approach

Personal, intuitive, empathetic and with a sense of humour. Being able to create affinity and a safe environment. I focus on results. I believe integrity (not as you know it) is a fundamental concept. I go through great lengths to have my clients win.

My Coaching Style

I use positive psychology, ontology (study of being), more traditional techniques and our renowned game structure. I listen for what is said and more importantly for what isn’t being said.
“Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one”
    – Albert Einstein

This quote from Einstein is one of my favorites. Everyone has his/her own perspective of reality. And everyone has his/her version as ‘the’ reality. This, in my opinion, is at the heart of all conflicts and misery with others or oneself. I support you in shifting how the world occurs to you. Different actions and communication will become available to you, free from constraints of the past. This will open up a whole new realm of possibilities and will allow you to create the life you want.