My Track Record

I exist because of my track record over twenty years in successfully providing for the enormous need of C-Suite Executives and Senior Managers in Law, Universities, Hospitality, Construction, Finance, Oilfields, and Forensic Science to build leadership skills and succeed. I coach my clients to play big, seemingly impossible games, lead and manage people well and to apply critical thinking to the actions they take to be successful. Leading and managing people in today’s environment requires extraordinary emotional maturity and introspective capacity that very few business leaders and executives naturally possess. I partner with my clients to be very happy and successful. I am a member of the International Positive Psychology Association and use the distinctions of positive psychology in my work.

My Clients

I focus on causing clients to flourish as leaders and to achieve outstanding results. My clients, both male and female, are Senior Executives, who tend to be fast-paced, competitive and results-oriented. They can be at times blunt, aggressive, insensitive, pushy, risk-takers, who love big challenges. I understand the importance of them dealing with change, their need for an innovative mindset and their ability to handle relationships intelligently and emotionally, while at the same time pushing for unprecedented results.

The Issues Executives Face

Executives face very complex issues in this day and age. I understand they cope best with access to an outside perspective. My Executive Coaching creates an honest and confidential space for the conversations clients cannot have with superiors, peers, employees, family members or even friends to think through the actions they need to take to be successful. My Executive Coaching is a powerful place to bring complex problems, explore new perspectives, and to create interventions for outstanding success. I love my clients and the work I do! My clients return the love by engaging with me in enduring relationships that span decades and provide exceptional return on their investment.

My Impossible Game 2020

My Game Statement: My conscious leadership in client organisations causing well-being, happiness, gratitude, appreciation and acknowledgment.

My Vision: Using positive psychology distinctions, causing conscious leaders,  their organisations and their stakeholders to flourish, making sure business is done the right way, with common values and the positive emotions of gratitude, appreciation and love. Happiness and well-being proliferating across a broad spectrum of people’s lives.

The Outcome: Happy, well, grateful, profitable, respected, communities of stakeholders working with purpose and aligned values, causing outstanding benefit realization.


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