Testimonials from our Clients about our Executive Coaching

Breathtaking Clarity of view and insight

“BREATHTAKING CLARITY OF VIEW AND INSIGHT! Frank Marinko, founder of Empathinko has provided weekly coaching sessions to my fellow directors and managers for nearly two years now. We consider these sessions to be invaluable. Frank provided, without exaggeration, breathtaking clarity of view and insight regarding both business and staff matters. Frank has helped us to clearly recognize the ‘what is so’ and explore the ‘what is missing’ in our goal of developing a successful, profitable business. It is a real pleasure to have Frank coach, support and challenge us in this demanding goal of business development”. ~ Dr George Rechnitzer: Principal Engineer

Coaching is invaluable in keeping me focused

When I took on a law firm leadership role in addition to my professional practice, I knew I would need help to maintain balance and perspective. I have been working with Frank for over ten years now. His coaching has been invaluable in keeping me focused on doing the things that really matter, whatever the pressures of the day. This applies not only in my roles as lawyer and leader, but also in my personal life.  I can think of a number of things I am proud to have said or done, that would not have occurred to me but for a word of insight from Frank.” ~ Leigh Warnick: Barrister

Developing personal effectiveness and ultimate success

“Frank Marinko has been working with me over the last 8 years to assist me in developing my personal effectiveness, enjoyment and ultimate success in work and in life through a process of uncovering, appreciating and developing the positive power of the relationships I have in my working life, but also with my family and friends.  

Our meetings have been regular, disciplined and demanding – Frank uses a number of readings, exercises, theories, ideas and stories to illustrate what is possible and to emphasize that anything is possible. Frank brings a tremendous depth of thought, insight and personal intuition – it has been a continuing, challenging, rewarding and authentic conversation, one that has benefited me greatly.”  ~ Kean Selway: Chief Operating Officer 

Making a powerful difference to lives

“Frank Marinko, through his company Empathinko, has made an outstanding difference to the education of students and the professional development of teachers at Berwick Lodge Primary School over the past ten years. Frank is a highly talented coach who has developed a very innovative student coaching program for our senior students.

Key features of the program are the empowerment of students in their lives via the application of valid coaching strategies and the training of teachers to deliver the program. I am particularly impressed with Frank’s dedication and deep desire to make a powerful difference to the lives of school children. ~ Henry Grossek: Principal

Transforming relationships and empowering others

“I have worked with Frank over the past 10 years in his capacity as both an Executive Coach as well as a Transformation Workshop Facilitator. Frank is incredibly effective in both these roles, helping people to transform relationships, to empower those around them and to have personal breakthroughs that enable them to reach the goals and dreams they aspire to. Frank is intelligent, insightful, straight, kind and personable. I would highly recommend him as an executive coach to the C-Suite and other.. as well as for leading team workshops to produce cohesive, high performing teams. Thanks for your contribution Frank!” ~ Griz Thomson: Director

Confronting, challenging and enlightening sessions

Our sessions are confronting, challenging and enlightening, during which we use a number of approaches including personality profiling, goal setting, and accountability agreements. All of these approaches have been invaluable to my professional but also personal development. ~ Patricia Roberts: Deputy Chief Financial Officer

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