Count-on-ability is like being a parent and the result is "your baby."

Business Focus

What business are you in? It is important that you realize and understand what specific business within the overall business you are in. Every business is made up of internal business units. Look at your job role, and then look at your company’s business model.

Count-on-ability Agreements

Being count-on-able is the broad level results you are committed to delivering. What is the range of outcomes that you agree must be achieved for you personally to be successful in your business? Who are your customers? What result can you be counted on to deliver?


Goals are the specific inspirational results which you will stand for achieving within a given period. What are the Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Time-bound results you are standing for?


What are the ways one might assess or quantify how successful they have been in being count-on-able? How will you measure the ongoing performance? Will the measures be Lead or Lag Metrics? What are your performance indicators going to be a mix of? 


These are the resources available to you to fulfill being count-on-able? Ask yourself: What resources do you need to be provided with which become contingent upon you achieving your results? What relationships do you need to rely upon and have agreements on for your support? What do you expect from managers, peers, subordinates and others? How do you want to be rewarded and recognized? What decision rights do you need?


The process of negotiating consequences for results changes the nature of the relationship between an employer and employee. People are required to take an adult perspective, and state what they want from their employer, versus the adult-child approach implicit in many employer/employee relationships. Declaring you are count-on-able without consequence is a pipe-dream.


It is important that your agreement is maintained as significant, relevant and flexible over time. Have an agreed upon review time so it doesn’t join those other planning documents that grow mould in office cabinets. Renewing your Agreements for count-on-ability need not be onerous, but without the discipline of regular monitoring, the opportunity offered by count-on-ability declarations is easily lost


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