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Our Customer list bears testimony to Empathinko's success in our client engagement in the realms of Executive Coaching, Leadership and development workshops.

Over the years, we have supported leadership development, team effectiveness and individual performance upgradation in a wide range of businesses and industries viz. Law firms, Educational institutions, Information technology, Hospitality, Oil & Gas, Distributorships to name a few.

Berwick Lodge Primary School

The Empathinko Coaching in the Classroom Program implemented at Berwick Lodge Primary School has been a positive and worthwhile initiative.

Aaron Morris

I have known and worked side by side with Frank for close to a decade. If I was asked to describe Frank in one word it would be 'Integrity'. Frank is always true to his word and as my coach he demands that same of me.

Leigh Warnick Barrister

Frank encourages me to probe for the blockages that may be inhibiting my performance, and focus on removing them ……and encourages me to set aside some mental energy from the daily round of leadership, management and technical work, to think about strategy - and work out how to make it happen.

Deakin University

Frank Marinko has been working with me over the last six years to assist me in developing my personal effectiveness, enjoyment and ultimate success in work and in life through a process of uncovering.

Deakin Prime


Frank has truly deep insight and perspective which he brings to every conversation I have with him. His uncanny ability to have me look at things from a different angle, and the support he gives me which encourages a change in approach, has made all the difference - Lorenzo Pacitti - Equity Partner (Perth)

Perth Social Club

Delta V-Experts

Frank provided, without exaggeration, breathtaking clarity of view and insight regarding both business and staff matters. Frank has helped us to clearly recognize the 'what is so' and explore the 'what is missing' in our goal of developing a successful, profitable business. It is a real pleasure to have Frank coach, support and challenge us in this demanding goal of business development". – Dr. George Rechnitzer (Senior Forensic Engineer)

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Vitality Nutrition
Cutting Edge Health and Fitness

JMJ Associates


Monash College

Our sessions are confronting, challenging and enlightening, during which we use a number of approaches including personality profiling, goal setting, and accountability agreements.

Collect Your Debt.com

"I found Frank's ability to think outside the square to solve problems and create opportunities amazing. Within two months we doubled the business's income…."


"I had the pleasure of working with Frank on the Mon-e "Cash-Advance"startup project and would highly recommend him in business and as a person with high integrity and compassion for people"

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