The Purpose of the Game

Evidence and research suggests that a workshop on positive business is worthwhile and can improve the well-being of an organisation and its people. 

If you want to engage in positive business you will not get it if you care only about profit. If you want your organisation to flourish, you must take a stand for cultivating positive emotion,  engagement for all, developing positive relations, finding meaning and purpose in the work done, and feeling accomplished, while tending to profit.

The new bottom line of the positive corporation in this view is: (profit + accomplishment + meaning + positive emotion + engagement + positive human relations = positive business.) 

We will use a quasi-experimental research design approach in our game to determine the relationship between the positive business workshop program practices we have developed and the benefits that unfold from its implementation in organisations.

Our purpose is to produce quantifiable data that may help in providing an understanding about how the positive business workshop program practices may influence positive business benefit realization.

Positive Business Outcomes

  1. We will use a framework of standardized assessments of PERMA, and VIA to explore how;
  2. We will urge the practice of character strengths, particularly knowing, using and developing those strengths can cause positive business outcomes.
  3. We believe we can show Empathinko Positive Business Workshops can increase well-being, flourishing and benefit realization in organisations.
  4. Positive Business Workshops will enable us to understand the  disposition and application of participants using their VIA character strengths through utilizing four proven Positive Psychology interventions which should cause positive business and employee well-being to flourish.
  5. Survey data from participants will be gathered over 12 week periods
  6. We may use multiple regression analyses to determine the impact and elevation of positive business.
  7. Standardized assessments to determine if there has been an increase  in positive business and employee well-being.
  8. We will have a minimum sample of 100 organisation participants from areas of executive leadership, management and staff. 

The Metrics of the Game

We have invited the 100 participants from Australia, India and The Netherlands  to engage in proven positive psychology interventions to cause positive business and employee well-being to flourish. 

  • We will have participants self-report through two emailed survey links which prompts them at a set time on a set day (once per week and once per month) to engage in and report completion of one or more of four positive proven psychology interventions and consequent changes in their PERMAH baseline. 
  • We will baseline the results of their signature character strengths, with the number of completed exercises, their original PERMAH results and the aggregated results of the group at four week intervals.
  • Using inferential statistics we will constantly update the register online over the longitudinal study.
  • We will follow-up with short workshops which will be delivered quarterly to gauge feedback and engagement from participants.

Our hypothesis probability indicates that over the 12 week period, stakeholders as well as participants will report significant elevated levels of positive business, (profit accomplishment + meaning + positive emotion + engagement + positive human relations = positive business.) due to interventions associated with the anticipated 1000 positive psychology interventions.

The Stakeholders

The Concept of Positive Business and The Positive Organisation, includes the following Primary Stakeholders:

  1. Team Members
  2. Customers
  3. Vendors and Suppliers
  4. Investors
  5. The Board/Leaders/Managers
  6. Our Community, Family and Friends

The Progress Milestones as of January 2020

How to Participate

If you or your company want to participate in The Positive Business Game, here is what you have to do:

  1. Contact Us
  2. Register as a member in positive Business Game
  3. Download Positive Business Game Pack
  4. Participate in a Game Owner Workshop (online or onsite)
  5. Update the results every two weeks
  6. Go forth and start causing a wave of Positive Business world-wide

Context of The Positive Business Game

Empathinko’s concept of The Positive Business Game is based primarily on the principles of Positive Psychology (Martin Seligman) Conscious Leadership, a term from Werner Erhard’s Being a Leader Program and Conscious Organisations from the book Conscious Capitalism (Mackey and Sisodia ~ 2005) 

We have now also combined the previous concepts outlined with a gold-standard research study of five positive psychology interventions. (Martin Seligman et al, 2005) The principles of The practices of the Positive Business Game (PERMA) is one of the most commonly discussed, researched, and applied in positive psychology interventions. 

PERMA is the acronym for: 

Positive Emotion: This route to well-being is increasing positive emotion. Within limits, we can increase our positive emotion about the past (e.g., by cultivating gratitude and forgiveness), our positive emotion about the present (e.g., by savoring physical pleasures and mindfulness) and our positive emotion about the future (e.g., by building hope and optimism).

Engagement: Engagement is an experience in which someone fully deploys their skills, strengths, and attention for a challenging task. This produces an experience called “flow” that is so gratifying that people are willing to do it for its own sake, rather than for what they will get out of it. Flow can be experienced in a wide variety of activities, e.g., a good conversation, a work task, playing a musical instrument, reading a book, writing, building furniture, fixing a bike, gardening, sports training or performance, to name just a few. 

Relationships: Relationships are fundamental to well-being. The experiences that contribute to well-being are often amplified through our relationships, for example, great joy, meaning, laughter, a feeling of belonging, and pride in accomplishment. Connections to others can give life purpose and meaning. Support from and connection with others is one of the best antidotes to “the downs” of life and a reliable way to feel up. Research shows that doing acts of kindness for others produces an increase in well-being.

Meaning: A sense of meaning and purpose can be derived from belonging to and serving something bigger than the self. There are various societal institutions that enable a sense of meaning, such as religion, family, science, politics, work organizations, justice, the community, social causes (e.g., being green), among others.

Accomplishment: People pursue achievement, competence, success, and mastery for its own sake, in a variety of domains, including the workplace, sports, games, hobbies, etc. People pursue accomplishment even when it does not necessarily lead to positive emotion, meaning, or relationships.

Each of these five building blocks contributes to well-being and Is pursued for its own sake, not as a means to an end, and is defined and measured independently of the other elements.


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