Shakti Ghosal: India

With an Engineering and Management background (IIM Bangalore faculty Gold Medalist 1984), Shakti has over three decades of organisational work experience at International and India-centric levels. He has held profit centre and project responsibilities in a range of industries and has been involved in business negotiations, alliances, acquisitions and new setups. During this period, he has coached and mentored divisional heads, managers and executives of different cultures and nationalities to succeed. Shakti is committed to making a difference with people.

Joost de Langen: The Netherlands

Joost is one of our most gentle, caring, complex and highly intuitive Coaches, excelling in a world of hidden meanings and possibilities. He identifies the best way for clients to achieve goals, and constantly defines and re-defines the priorities in his work with clients. He has an uncanny insight into people and situations and intuitively understands them.

Frank Marinko: Australia

Frank causes clients to flourish as leaders and to achieve outstanding results. His clients, both male and female, are senior executives, who tend to be fast-paced, competitive, results-oriented people who love big challenges. Frank understands the importance of dealing with change, the need for an innovative and positive mindset and developing the ability to empower relationships.

Vicki Campbell: Maroochydore

Vicki is a yoga teacher and professional certified coach who has taught yoga throughout Melbourne, and has now created her own lovely home studio in Sunshine Cove Maroochydore. Vicki  teaches a more intimate and focused style of slow-flow yoga, in a relaxed and nurturing environment. She helps beginners feel comfortable and learn essential poses. She gives clear alignment instructions, whilst ensuring a safe environment for all of her students to practice within.

Our Approach

Empathinko is an executive coaching group comprised of Frank Marinko and Vicki Campbell, (Australia) Shakti Ghosal (India) and Joost DeLangen (The Netherlands). Our purpose is to make a difference in the world through the application of POSITIVE BUSINESS principles in our executive coaching and workshops. We value causing positive emotions, engagement, finding meaning and purpose, creating positive relationships, and the feeling the accomplishment of our clients through profit. 

As a coaching team, we are highly count-on-able, highly human, and highly committed. We care for one another, we push one another, we help and support one another, and we give the gift of feedback and coaching to one another to ensure we are free to bring our best selves and our unique contribution to the team.

 We bring our signature strengths of creativity, curiosity, courage, gratitude, love, and love of learning to all our coaching engagements. These  qualities enable us to engage with clients on a human level, yet remain committed to the primary business objectives in which we have been hired to assist our clients to achieve.

We define

We define the scope of the work with our clients and the benefit realization they desire from the engagement with us.

We design

We design a game big enough such that all of the responsibilities of our clients are under the umbrella of the game and they are empowered to play and win.


We have a track record of delivering on the benefit realization identified by the client and within the budget specified. (what our clients say)

WE Deploy

We ensure our clients games are clear, documented, in existence and shared with their teams, so that they can be deployed easily.


As coaches we keep our clients on track, by questioning, challenging, nudging, and driving home the importance of doing all of the important things


We understand valuing and defining success are part of your plan from the outset,and the desired outcomes are documented clearly and powerfully.

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