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ABOUT US We are an organisation committed
to a future that inspires.

Who We Are

We are an organisation committed to living from the following values:

Living Authentically

It is being and acting consistent with who you hold yourself out to be for others, and who you hold yourself to be for yourself. When leading, being authentic leaves you grounded, and able to be straight with others without the use of force.

Being Cause in the Matter

It is a stand you take for yourself in relation to life – a stand is a declaration you make, not an assertion (not a statement of fact). Being Cause in the Matter is viewing life from, and acting from the stand "I am cause in the matter of everything in my life". Being willing to view and deal with life from this perspective leaves you with power. You never deal with life from the perspective of a victim.

Playing for something Bigger than Oneself

It is the source of the serene passion (charisma) required to lead and to develop others as leaders, and the source of persistence (joy in the labor of) when the path gets tough.

Having integrity

It is the state of being whole, complete, unbroken,sound, in perfect condition for a person and any other human entity. (e.g., a human organization) Integrity is a matter of that person's word or that organization's word being whole and complete – nothing more and nothing less. Integrity is required to create the maximum opportunities for performance...

Generating new realms of what is possible for all.

"We listen to what our customers have to say, and help them achieve the impact they want with effective programs backed by cutting-edge research."

Frank Marinko

Founder Empathinko

"At Empathinko Leadership Incubator (ELI),we are unique in implementing 'Leadership technology'.

Shakti Ghosal

Managing Director India and The Middle East

What We Do

We are committed to Leadership Incubation globally. We address the intrinsic but growing need for a Leadership incubator space. We are unique in implementing 'Leadership technology', a creative and innovative process that ensures you and your business are committed to a future that inspires and which fulfills the needs and concerns of all stakeholders in your ecosystem.

Empathinko would be delighted to offer you and your organisation
an exploratory session at no cost, no commitment basis.

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Our Methodology

Our services are rarely needed unless a client has a complex issue or number of issues which they are dealing with where they need more than one set of eyes and ways of looking at things to solve a complex problem.

Our methodology is centered around the development and understanding of relational intelligence and leadership to provide a solution to any complex issue. Be it executive coaching, leadership development, starting up a new company or elevating the performance of an existing company, nothing profound will happen until the particular complex issue is broken down into components that can be understood and impacted. Generating new realms of what is possible for all.

Typically we work in two stages with our clients.

Stage One

is the exploration phase where we explore with the client;


We work with the client to understand the holistic perception of the complex issues and the possible alternative ways of seeing the situation, as well as the beliefs that hold their viewpoints in place.


We have the client zoom down into the parts to critically analyse the issue and possible solutions.

Relational Intelligence

We work with the client to identify the affected stakeholders in this complex issue and what are the important issues that may need to be contributed to or satisfied. We create a number of hypotheses in this stage.

Stage Two

is the projection stage where we determine with the client what will be needed to get to a desired state:


We project our hypotheses and using a tried and true framework determine the "what if" scenarios that may satisfy the future desired state to solve the complex issue.


We work with the client to develop the innovation or breakthrough solution which satisfies the stakeholders, develops their leadership and creates a sustainable foundation for the client to move forward on.

There is no better testimonial than a satisfied client. Read what our clients say about our services here.

Empathinko would be delighted to offer you and your organisation an exploratory session at no cost, no commitment basis.

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The ELI Vision

We would be an Eco-system devoted to promoting the growth of Leadership which leverages a future through an optimal mix of vision, innovation, technology, strategy and market opportunity. We have plans to tie-up with incubators around the globe and network with their resources, mentors and educators

The ELI Eco-System

Entrepreneurs Coaching Start- up / business success
Intrapreneurs Mentoring Clear blocks & challenges
Business Leaders Consulting Faster project growth
Team Members Business Plan Team effort and motivation
Investors Strategy Healthy ROI and cash flows
Industry Fund Raising  
Regulations Legal, Financial & Regulatory Advice  

The ELI Approach

  • Generation:

    Generate business idea for a viable business plan.

  • Coaching /Mentoring:

    To remove blocks. To hold progress accountability.

  • Consulting:

    Hand-holding through each phase from idea generation to venture creation.

  • Incubation:

    Facilitate incubation of the business idea into a feasible concept.

  • Funding:

    Support for accessing seed capital and venture funds.

The value ELI Brings to the Table For You

  • An understanding and supportive mindset

  • Nurture ideas, out-of –the- box thinking and cross breeding

  • Hold accountability for the project progress

  • Global linkages, outlook, approach and relevance

  • Seamlessly blend multi-discipline support needs

  • Solve real problems for real benefits

Empathinko would be delighted to offer you and your organisation an exploratory session at no cost, no commitment basis.

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Our Domains of Excellence

We have demonstrated expertise and excellence working with hundreds of clients and thousands of staff in the pursuit of expanding awareness, efficiency and leadership in the following domains.

Engagement with Finance Director, Managers & Operational staff in Corporate Finance and Retail.
Law Firms
and Lawyers
Engagement with Equity partners, Practice Leader, Partners, Senior Associates and Barrister.
Large vehicle distributor. Seven years engagement in Executive Coaching, Leadership Development.
Patisseries, Restaurants, Bars & Event Managers. Ten years engagement in Executive Coaching, Accountability Agreements with Owners, Partners, Managers & Sales personnel.
C-Suite Executives Directors and Managers: Engagement relating to Divisional Portfolios, Commercial entities and Business College working with Finance, HR, Campus Services, Facilities & Student Administration.
Travel, Trading Sectors. Three years engagement in Leadership development & Team Building.

Empathinko would be delighted to offer you and your organisation an exploratory session at no cost, no commitment basis.

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