Our Ecosystem helps you build Great Leadership in Business

The ELI Vision

To be an Eco-system for developing Leadership which leverages a future in an increasingly disruptive environment.

We have plans to tie-up with incubators around the globe and network with their resources, mentors and educators.

The ELI Approach

  • Generation:generate business ideas for a viable business plan
  • Incubation:Facilitate incubation of the business ideas into a feasible concept
  • Coaching / Mentoring : To identify and work through rub-points and blocks
  • Consulting: Supporting each phase from idea generation to venture creation
  • Funding: Plan creation for seed capital and VC applications


  • Empathy: We have an understanding and supportive mindset
  • Nurturing: We nurture out-of-the-box ideas and creative thinking
  • Accountability: We will hold you accountable for the project's progress
  • Multi-Disciplined: We seamlessly blend your many support needs
  • Results: We solve real problems for real benefits

The ELI Eco-System

Entrepreneurs Coaching Start- up / business success
Intrapreneurs Mentoring Clear blocks & challenges
Business Leaders Consulting Faster project growth
Team Members Business Plan Team effort and motivation
Investors Strategy Healthy ROI and cash flows
Industry Fund Raising  
Regulations Legal, Financial & Regulatory Advice  

Our Ecosystem helps you build great leadership in business

  • Explore your Leadership Context
  • Zoom into the parts
  • Apply your Relational Intelligence
  • Holistic Perception of a Complex Issue
  • Critical Analysis
  • Relational Assimilation
  • The positive change of innovation

  • Desired

  • Present
Building SensePROJECTION
  • Keep working the solutions to fit
  • Anticipate the complexity
  • Make the solution fit

About Empathinko

The Empathinko Leadership Incubator (ELI) supports Leadership and Business Start-ups in disruptive times. Since our first project in 1998, executives at Empathinko have been involved in coaching executives to become better leaders and enhance their performance in fast changing environments. We have an expertise in coaching leaders to achieve breakthrough performance in many situations, including:

  • Disruptive Technology
  • Changing workflows, processes, and workplace competences
  • Shortening Business & product life cycles
  • Critical Thinking
  • Relational Intelligence
  • Mindfulness

Our Programs

We partner with leaders and organisations to win in the initiatives they take on. Our clients engage with their stakeholders to produce win-win situations.

  • Start your Leadership journey
  • Develop your Leadership
  • Succeed with your Leadership

What's New!

We are developing a personality profiling tool to measure the entire workforce culture in any corporation or organization. It will be available in July 2017. If you are interested in knowing your organization or department's culture, and how to empower it to become more effective, contact us and let us customize a package for you.

Our Clients Say

We help to win your goals

Return On Investment for every USD 10,000 Invested in Leadership Incubation : USD $100,000
We have completed successfully more than 100+ projects in Leadership Training and Leadership Incubation
Work/Life Balance
Work/Life Balance Transformation - reported by clients: 90% +

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