Toorak Yoga Studio

Vicki Campbell has taught yoga throughout Melbourne, and has now created a lovely home studio in Balfour Street Toorak. 

A home studio enables Vicki to teach a more intimate and focused style of slow-flow yoga, in a relaxed and nurturing environment. Her attention to detail in her poses and slow movement allows her clients reap the benefits of a challenging session in a safe, easy access, attractive and peaceful setting at 1 Balfour Street Toorak. 

The Toorak Yoga Studio offers great value for money as well as improved yoga technique, meditation and well-being. Vicki’s aim as a Yoga Teacher is to create a happy, nurturing and grounding space for self-exploration and transformation.

She helps beginners feel comfortable and learn essential poses. She gives clear alignment instructions, whilst ensuring a safe environment for all of her students to practice within.

The Style of Yoga

Vicki’s teaches Slow Flow Vinyasa practice. (Vinyasa meaning: the conscious connection of breath and movement) 

Vicki teaches with a focus on alignment, moving steadily and consciously from pose to pose and always synchronised with the breath.

Vicki often pauses to hold poses for various lengths of time, increasing stamina, strength, flexibility and mobility whilst developing body awareness and breath control.

The Benefits of Yoga

Clients report the benefits of improved:
  • mobility
  • balance
  • strength
  • flexibility
  • circulation
  • self esteem and confidence
  • relaxation
  • and can also help to combat anxiety and stress and quiet our active mind


Vicki is a Registered Level 1 (5420) Teacher with Yoga Australia. 

Book a Session

Private one-on-one: 90 minutes $50:00 

Contact Vicki on 0417 572 887 or email: